24 Hour Hotline

24 Hour Hotline

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Hotline Services

Arise operates a 24 Hour Hotline which is answered by our trained staff and volunteers. All hotline calls are confidential which means that Arise staff and volunteers will not share your personal information. Hotline callers have the option to remain completely anonymous if they choose.

Hotline services include the following:

  • Screening and intake for Arise’s emergency shelter, counseling and survivor advocacy service
  • Information and referral to other community services
  • Safety planning for individuals who are being impacted by violence and abuse.
  • Crisis counseling related to ongoing abuse and violence

Who should call the hotline?

  • Any individual impacted by abuse and violence
  • Family members, friends and other supports or individuals impacted by abuse and violence
  • Professionals seeking information for their consumers

24 Hour Hotline offers anonymous, confidential support and referral to other community resources.